Tengtang kasih sayang, cinta dan kehidupan

Love Transforms Wintery Life to Blooming Spring

When I was lost in the dark forest of agony
It had ways swindling, blind, and thorny
My bleeding emotions and wounded heart
Wandered, but failed in finding the right path
Marsh of uncertaintyy clenched my feet
Shackled all thoughts, restrained rising dreams
Hundreds of tears my poor eyes sacrificed
Now they are no more than stones dried
Sorrows have pierced my chest to sieve
Snatched away my life and all tie
On simmering flame this soul burns slowly
Nothing is left but feeling sad and lonely
By and by warm struggle was strangled to death
Wiping the sore existence, and troubled breathing
On the road of life, hard blows turned me gray
Smoke-storm of distress hindered my way
Everywhere there is a strange callous
How can I voice my pain in such malice?
As silence speaks, I hid myself away
Finding no shoulder to weep in dismay
Cruel world around seemed like a beast
Waiting to devour the dying soul, in feast
Ferocious falcon of horror and woe
Was smashing me in its brutal claw
Hope was fading with every passing moment
Thrusting the feeble being to infinite torment
Night enclosed my brightness and might
Reducing the flaming fire to a mere sigh
Then my flickering eyes beheld you
Great sorrows and woes shrunk to few
Your dim sight wiped all my pain
Broken strength I began to gain
I fear no more, scary world around
Your sole presence has shut them down
The warm approach and deep affection
Ceased all suffering, sorrow andression
My humming heart swing and swirl softly
What I feel now, is not how it used to be
Losing myself, I am becoming yours
Getting lost in your sweet thoughts
All my wishes are fulfilled with you
My world is there where I met you
My days are live with joy, my nights sing
They make me feel like the king of the spring
When you smile, all I see is a glow
Forcing my hidden love to show
New life whistled in the passive mind
Lingering gloom and misery left behind
Your magical words were so soothing
Soon I found all my wounds healing
Sincerely stretched out hand for support
Surely brushes away maladies of all sorts
All the pleasures have found me to bow
Nothing is my existence without you now
What miracles the sweet love can bring
This song in the world will always ring.

Source by Amna Jamshed

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