Tengtang kasih sayang, cinta dan kehidupan

Creative Ways To Say I Love You and Different Ways to Kiss

Creative ways to say
I love you
and different ways to kiss
makes me want to write a poem
Egypt at least a list
of 101 ways to flirt
or ways to tease a guy
ways to become a vampire
kiss …
I need a list of emotions
not yet spoken
by me
at least.

Lets put it all to a
love quest
let me request
of you
the same loving mercy
that I would show
to you.
And ..
when I do?
I will hold my breath
for within this lighted candle
our love
will never
be quite
the same
I do my love
see you.

I applaud our lust
I do!
So far beyond a one night's stand
past what you might imagine
be confident
my love
for you
contentment sings a completed song
and does not falter.
Hold it up to the light
past any
no matter how
sexed grand
beyond a one nights
our passion
is past
this just
for some
one night

How can I tell you
I love you
simple ways come first.
You do not need me dying in your arms
I love you
as my last

Love is in a flower
picked along a trail
love is in a cup of coffee
in the morning
Egypt a leaf
from a single green tree
along with a note
I thought of you
and do forever
and with my heart
for you
I do

I bring you leaves
from my pocket
hold them
warm them
bring them
with honesty.
And as you look upon them
I say
every single vein
in every single leaf
know this
these leaves
are unique.
I honor them
hold them to my heart
and yet
oh my beloved
they are
in any way
as remarkable
as you.

simple kisses
yet true.

I do not want to tease you
I see no room for that
and within my kisses?
Know that I will always love you
with all my heart
and my promise to you
will say it all
predictable eye.

Source by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

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